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Henning McKenzie Consulting provides psychological services to those in and around Edmonton, including Sherwood Park, St. Albert, and Leduc. We work with adults, children and teens. We follow-up our assessment reports and focus on providing recommendations that are helpful, practical and realistic.


Math Interventions

Math Interventions

Cloud Nine®

The On Cloud Nine® (OCN™) Math program, created by Kimberly Tuley and Nanci Bell, directly applies concept imagery to support individuals’ ability to visualize the whole of a math concept, rather than just the parts, and symbol imagery to visualize the identity and sequence of numerals and other symbols in math problems.  These skills are applied to learning and retaining math facts, solving word problems, and increasing the speed and stability of math computation.  The program is recommended for individuals with the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty learning math facts, such as multiplication tables
  • Difficulty grasping mathematical relationships
  • Difficulty distinguishing mathematical symbols
  • Difficulty with general computations
  • Difficulty solving word problems
  • Difficulty with higher level math

Math U See®

The Math U See program is a skill-based, multi-sensory math program, that encourages the mastery of skills by learning math concepts, ideas, and applications, with the facts, rules, and formulas that support them.

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