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Henning McKenzie Consulting provides psychological services to those in and around Edmonton, including Sherwood Park, St. Albert, and Leduc. We work with adults, children and teens. We follow-up our assessment reports and focus on providing recommendations that are helpful, practical and realistic.


Literacy Interventions

Literacy Interventions

Seeing Stars® (Reading)

The Seeing Stars® (SI™) program, created by Nanci Bell, develops the ability to visualize sounds and letters in words for both phonological and visual processing.  It works on sight word development, contextual fluency and spelling.  This program is recommended for individuals with the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty with word recognition (often resulting in inaccurate guessing)
  • Difficulty with spelling (often phonetically accurate, though orthographically incorrect)
  • Difficulty with visual memory
  • Difficulty with contextual fluency
  • Difficulty with reading comprehension
  • Slow reading rate
  • Symptoms of Dyslexia

Visualizing and Verbalizing® (Reading)

The Visualizing and Verbalizing® program, created by Nanci Bell, directly applies concept imagery to the comprehension and expression of both oral and written language, as well as the development of critical thinking skills.  Students learn to create an image and integrate the imagery with language as a basis for language comprehension and thinking.  This program is recommended for individuals with the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty with reading comprehension (often needing to reread material several times, and still only remembering a few details, rather than the whole picture)
  • Difficulty with oral language comprehension (often needing to re-ask the same question several times, and still only connecting to a small part of the conversation)
  • Difficulty with oral language expression (often relaying information in a disjointed, non-sequential way – if at all)
  • Difficulty with written language skills (often resulting in disorganized or nonspecific writing)

LiPS® (Reading)

The LiPS® program, developed by Patricia C. Lindamood and Phyllis D. Lindamood, helps children and adults develop the sensory-cognitive function of phonemic awareness. It systematically applies phonemic awareness to the identification and sequencing of sounds in words. By learning how their mouths produce the sounds of language, adults and children learn to verify the identity and sequence of sounds within words, and to become self-correcting in reading, spelling, and speech.  This program is recommended for individuals with the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty with decoding

  • Difficulty with spelling accuracy

  • Difficulty with pronunciation

  • Difficulty with detecting and correcting reading, spelling, and speech errors

  • Symptoms of Dyslexia

PAL® (Reading & Writing)

The Process Assessment of the Learner (PAL™) - Research-Based Reading and Writing program, created by Virginia Wise Berninger and Sylvia P. Abbott, supports the development of writing, phonics, reading fluency, and reading comprehension, while monitoring progress.  The three-tiered system strives to help prevent reading and writing problems in beginning readers, support students struggling in reading and writing, and provide special instruction for students diagnosed as dyslexic or dysgraphic and are receiving special education services.

Great Leaps®

Reading fluency is important because it bridges the gap between word identification and understanding.  The  Great Leaps® Reading Program, designed by Kenneth U. Campbell, is designed to improve children and adults’ reading fluency through phonics, sight vocabulary phrases, story reading with expressive language, and comprehension activities.


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